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Counselling Code: 2622

Civil Engineering


To become a centre of academic excellence and to bring out quality civil engineers with global standards and social responsibility.


  1. Developing competent engineers by integrating excellent teaching, learning and research activities.
  2. Creating interaction with industries to meet global challenges.
  3. Motivating the students for higher studies and entrepreneurship.
  4. Inculcating moral and ethical values in students. 


PEO1: Graduates of Civil Engineering will continuously update their knowledge gained for professional development as an employee of an organization or as an employer.
PEO2: Graduates of Civil Engineering will be capable of working in a professional environment and providing innovative to the latest technological problems.
PEO3: Graduates of Civil Engineering will discharge their duties as Professional Civil    Engineers with quality and ethics.


PSO1: Applying the mathematical and the problem solving knowledge to identify and provide solutions for solving complex civil engineering problems.
PSO2: Apply the knowledge of mechanics, design of structures and construction techniques to meet the various basic needs of the industry and the society.
PSO3: Enable the students to use their technical expertise in latest technologies and apply their knowledge continuously in civil engineering to be excellent in their career.

About the Department

The department of Civil Engineering is offering UG course with has become an intake of 120 in B.E. (Civil). It offers 4-year B.E. Civil Engineering course, and it became one of the most sought departments in the institute as from the year of starting the course the department is having full strength. The students of our department are good in both academics and in extra and co-curricular activities as well. The department of Civil Engineering is one of the most important departments of the college. The department has highly qualified and dedicated faculty which strives to produce competent professionals who are abreast with the latest technology and are equipped with enterprising skills necessary for a designer and a site engineer. The department’s professional programme includes a deeper study of a number of engineering sciences to which the students are introduced at the core curriculum level, experimental solution for physical problems, techniques and methods of design of systems relevant to the contemporary industrial world. Our students are provided a solid engineering education, with a focus on creativity and innovation and a strong ethical responsibility. The civil engineering program prepares graduates with strong leadership qualities. These leadership qualities and the high technical standards of our programme generate strong interest in the industries and employers across the region. To enhance the technical knowledge gained, department is arranging value added courses training related to Civil Engineering for every student.


Programme of Study Description
Under Graduate Course Civil Engineering
Started with 60 seats in 2011
Intake increased from 60 to 120 in 2012
Intake reduced from 120 to 60 in 2017

About the Course

Civil Engineering is a growing profession, with excellent job opportunities in any foreseeable future. Career opportunities in all specialties are bright. Both the private and the public sectors will be looking for a new generation of well-prepared civil engineers. It is the most pioneering branch of engineering, which deals with design, construction, maintenance of buildings, bridges, dams, roads and other human habitat. Undergoing Civil Engineering course will enable students to understand the basic concepts of infrastructure, modern methods of construction, maintenance and safety aspects. It is broadly categorized into several sub-disciplines, namely environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, urban engineering, water resources engineering, materials engineering, coastal engineering, surveying, construction engineering, remote sensing, etc. Civil Engineers build the world’s infrastructure. In doing so, they quietly shape the history of nations around the world. Only by exploring civil engineering’s influence in shaping the world we know today, we can creatively envision the progress of our tomorrows. Students and faculty gain knowledge and experience relevant for their further successful career growth in sphere of civil engineering. Our institute pioneers towards making every individual as an effective Civil Engineer who serves the nation through the knowledge gained.


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