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Counselling Code: 2622

Chemical Engineering


To be a centre of excellence for development and dissemination of knowledge in Chemical Engineering for the Nation and beyond.


Department of Chemical Engineering is committed to

  • Impart knowledge to students at all levels through a vibrant, dynamic and state of the art intellectual delivery to ensure the creation of a complete Chemical Engineer with a high sense of social responsibility and professional ethics
  • Synergize the efforts of the students and faculty to evolve innovative engineering practices and teaching methodologies
  • Generate an environment of continuous learning and research.


Graduate of Chemical Engineering program will:

  • Exhibit professional competency in design and development of chemical products, Processes and equipment in chemical and allied industries.
  • Perform research and development work by utilizing the experimental skills. Mathematical tools and applied software and simulation practices.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills and leadership qualities and contribute to solution of multidisciplinary problems
  • Contribute to national and global economic growth through continuous education and by following socially responsible practices