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Counselling Code: 2622



To create a strong teaching base in the area of Bio-Technology through technical knowledge dissemination to the students, and to scale new heights in research by combining the concepts of professionalism, social justice, environmental impact and human ethics for the welfare of the general public.


  • Disseminate a blending of knowledge acquisition and its application in real-life situations to the students.
  • Equip the students to adapt to changing global and local needs through well designed curriculum and syllabus.
  • Groom students to uphold professional ethics and develop leadership qualities.
  • Train students on issues related to social welfare.

Program Educational Objectives

  • PEO 1 – Successful professional career and/or higher studies by gaining knowledge in fundamental mathematics and biological principles (Cognitive objective)
  • PEO 2 – Provide strong foundation in the core biotechnology courses to evaluate real life problems and to propose biotechnological solutions with economical and social viability (Affectionate objective)
  • PEO 3 – Sensitize on environmental, health and bioethical issues, Intellectual property rights, professional ethics and life-long learning through application orientated activities (Behavioral objective).