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  • Top Campus Placement – 2019 – Rs. 3 Lacs to Rs. 10 Lacs Salary – 485 offers : CAPGEMINI -92 (3.8 lacs salary), WIPRO -74 (3.5 lacs salary), TCS -1 (7 lacs salary), TCS -92 (3.37 lacs salary), GO SPEEDY GO -57 (4.12 lacs salary), ARICENT -32 (3.6 lacs salary), IBM -29 (3.7 lacs salary), LTI -29 (3.5 lacs salary), CTS -17 (3.38 lacs salary), QUEST GLOBAL -11 (3.54 lacs salary), NTT DATA -09 (3 lacs salary), Mind tree -05 (3.5 lacs salary), WIPRO HR Services -05 (3.24 lacs salary), EXCELACOM -05 (3 lacs salary), SONY INDIA -04 (5 lacs salary), AMPHISOFT -04 (4 lacs salary), VURAM -03 (4.07 lacs salary), INFOSYS -03 (4 lacs salary), Sanmar -02 (4.06 lacs salary), Tessolve -02 (3.38 lacs salary), Mallow Technologies -03 (3 lacs salary), MOBIVEIL -02 (3 lacs salary), BYJUS -01 (10 lacs salary), ZOHO -01 (5.52 lacs salary) MBIT WIRELESS -01 (4 lacs salary) ASAHI GLASS -01 (3 lacs salary) . **Our Student Kannabiran won Rs.5 lakhs in the contest “INFYMAKERS” conducted by Infosys and Two students namely P.Ragavi and P.Priyanka got offers and Samsung mobiles in the contest Testimony conducted by “TCS” .

Language Club

With greetings from ‘LANGUAGE CLUB’, we wish to convey to you that the present era is marked with the rise of skills and competencies. An Institution such as ours is of infinite value to the world in general and the country in particular as the workforce of the future is going to come out fully equipped from here. It is indeed a century of life and soft skills which cannot be acquired without in-depth training in various skills.

As we move into the second decade of the 21st century, Our institution will prove to be decisive to the Indian context of growth and development. India is making giant strides to assume a significant role in the international scenario. At such a critical juncture, we can all unite to make the education system the backbone of the future India.

Keeping this in view, ‘LANGUAGE CLUB’ has envisioned the concept of Skills Development Centre –Language Club which is established at our institute campus. This Centre is envisaged as the training regimen of our Institute to impart various skills to its students like Communicative English through Group Discussion, Presentation, Extempore, Mock Interview etc. It is apt to note that our institution shares the concern for which ‘LANGUAGE CLUB’ is striving hard for the up-skilling of the youth. It is also pertinent to note that we have implicit faith in the idea of training the youth for life and soft skills.

We are confident that the synergy efforts of our institution and ‘LANGUAGE CLUB’ could empower the youth of the country to meet the challenges ahead.


S.No Name of the Activity Skill Improvement
1. Own topic presentation Removal of stage fear,hesitancy
2. Extempore Thinking, Speaking
3. Group discussion Listening, Thinking, Speaking
4. Debate Listening, Thinking, Speaking
5. Technical topic presentation Thinking, Speaking
6. Role play Thinking, Speaking
7. Mock interview Listening, Thinking, Speaking

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