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  • Top Campus Placement – 2019 – Rs. 3 Lacs to Rs. 10 Lacs Salary – 485 offers : CAPGEMINI -92 (3.8 lacs salary), WIPRO -74 (3.5 lacs salary), TCS -1 (7 lacs salary), TCS -92 (3.37 lacs salary), GO SPEEDY GO -57 (4.12 lacs salary), ARICENT -32 (3.6 lacs salary), IBM -29 (3.7 lacs salary), LTI -29 (3.5 lacs salary), CTS -17 (3.38 lacs salary), QUEST GLOBAL -11 (3.54 lacs salary), NTT DATA -09 (3 lacs salary), Mind tree -05 (3.5 lacs salary), WIPRO HR Services -05 (3.24 lacs salary), EXCELACOM -05 (3 lacs salary), SONY INDIA -04 (5 lacs salary), AMPHISOFT -04 (4 lacs salary), VURAM -03 (4.07 lacs salary), INFOSYS -03 (4 lacs salary), Sanmar -02 (4.06 lacs salary), Tessolve -02 (3.38 lacs salary), Mallow Technologies -03 (3 lacs salary), MOBIVEIL -02 (3 lacs salary), BYJUS -01 (10 lacs salary), ZOHO -01 (5.52 lacs salary) MBIT WIRELESS -01 (4 lacs salary) ASAHI GLASS -01 (3 lacs salary) . **Our Student Kannabiran won Rs.5 lakhs in the contest “INFYMAKERS” conducted by Infosys and Two students namely P.Ragavi and P.Priyanka got offers and Samsung mobiles in the contest Testimony conducted by “TCS” .



To produce quality Human Resources in Mechanical Engineering though excellence in Teaching and innovative projects and thus to serve the society.


After the completion of course, Students are able

  • To impart quality education through the State-of-the-art facilities
  • To motivate the students to pursue Higher education
  • To promote research activities by encouraging the faculty and students to carry out projects.
  • To encourage the students to acquire entrepreneurial skills for the betterment of the Society.


PEO1:  To develop academic excellence and leadership qualities in students for their professional career..
PEO2:  To prepare the students for pursuing higher studies in the field of Mechanical Engineering and interdisciplinary courses.
PEO3:  Make the students create new design or be an entrepreneur with innovative ideas for the development of social, technical and business outcomes


PSO1: Ability to apply the acquired Mechanical Engineering knowledge for the advancement of society and self.
PSO2: Ability to implement the learned principles of Mechanical Engineering to analyze, evaluate and create more advanced mechanical systems or processes.


Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at V.S.B. Engineering College, Karur. It occupies a prominent place in the records of the college due to its good academic history. It offers 4-year B.E. Mechanical Engineering course, the most sought-after one among all the courses, since the Institution was founded in 2002. All our constituents are continually evaluating and improving the departmental activities to fulfill our mission of excellence in engineering education. In 2002, the department was started with 60 students; later, the intake was increased to 120 and 180 subsequently and now it has been enhanced to 240 because of the continuous good academic efforts and care taken by the department. In the years that followed, the department continued its success in education, placement and research. These activities centered around and continued to include the traditional areas of Mechanical Engineering, namely Basic Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Manufacturing Technology, Heat and Mass Transfer, Strength of Materials, Kinematics and Dynamics and Robotics.


Programme of Study Description
Under Graduate Course Mechanical Engineering
Started with 60 seats in 2002
Intake increased to 120 in 2009
Intake increased to 180 in 2012


Mechanical Engineering addresses the analysis and development of technological systems involving motions and allows people to harness the energy and forces that exist in nature to provide for the needs of society. Mechanical Engineers are responsible for the conception, design, manufacture, control, maintenance and management of such systems. Mechanical systems may comprise mechanisms or machines made up of moving components or involve fluid flow within or around solid structures to impart forces or energy interactions. These could range from micro-mechanical devices to massive power generating turbines. From a jet aircraft to an air conditioning plant, from tunneling machines to body-scanners and from a technical consultancy to financial services, mechanical engineers deal with the design and production of machines, systems and structures that are taken for granted in the modern world.The range and diversity of career choice for Mechanical Engineers is consequently tremendous.

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