Electronics and Communication Engineering College (ECE) - V.S.B Engineering College, Karur
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Counselling Code: 2622

Electronics and Communication Engineering


To produce academically excellent and socially responsible engineers in Electronics and Communication Engineering.


  1. To provide good fundamental knowledge in all the related sub-domains of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  2. To offer an efficient teaching-learning process with a focus on problem solving skills,analytical skills and technical skills.
  3. To inculcate competency, innovative spirit, communication and managerial skills to create socially responsible Engineers.
  4. To encourage the students to pursue higher studies and research activities.


PEO1: The Graduates of the programme will be able to provide solutions to the real world complex problems in the Society.
PEO2: The Graduates of the programme will be able to adapt to the emerging technologies with active participation in professional activities to build career skills for prosperous carrier in Organization or Higher studies and Research.
PEO3: The Graduates of the programme will be able to exhibit and demonstrate leadership skills with ethical values in their profession.


PSO1: Apply knowledge related to core and specialized fields like Electronic Circuits, Embedded and Communication Systems to solve complex Engineering/Societal problems.
PSO2: Able to expose students programming skills using latest tools to arrive cost effective and appropriate solutions.
PSO3: Apply the contextual knowledge with professional ethics to manage different projects in multi disciplinary environment.


The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in the Year 2002.The department has well equipped Laboratory as Circuits and Devices Lab, Analog and Digital Circuits Lab, Circuits Design and Simulation Lab, Linear Integrated Circuits Lab, Communication Systems Lab, Communication Networks Lab, Digital Signal Processing Lab, Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab, VLSI Design Lab, Advanced Communication Lab and Embedded Lab.

The department has highly educated Faculty members having a vast experience in their field. The department has a well-balanced workforce having experience in academics and in Industries. Students are given education as well as training exposure in order to get placed in highly reputed Industries.

Symbiosis between placement cell and the Department helps the students to achieve the best of the Jobs for their careers. Proper Industrial interaction is given to the students by organizing National level workshops in the Campus. In those events eminent personalities from industry and educational institutions are invited to the campus for student’s interaction and guidance. The students had presented their talents in the form of practical projects and papers, which were seen and assessed by the invited personalities; they also had an interaction directly with the students in which they suggested measures to further improve the quality of the creativity. Exposure as well as training is provided to the students for advanced studies and various guest lecturers and Mock campus interviews are conducted time to time to facilitate the students and create awareness.

Industry visits and practical projects are also encouraged by the department in various sectors; students are taken out to industries for practical understanding of the technology. To name a few, visits are made on frequent basis to organizations such as ACE components, JVS Electronics, Embuzz Technologies, Traco cables, Technovalley Software Computing, HAL Museum and ISRO etc.

The students of the department have proven the quality of education provided to them by receiving awards in National as well as International level conferences. They have also received ranks (In top 07) on state level in the Anna University results of engineering examinations. To add on the feathers in the cap, students are also placed in reputed companies such as Tata Consultancy services (TCS), Capgemini, Wipro, Altran, HCL, CTS, L&T Infotech, NTT DATA, IBM, Tessolve, Infosys, SONY, Mind Tree, Zoho Corporation and Infoview.
The Department has a very rich history of its providing technical education in the field of Engineering and its achievements in a small span of fourteen years of establishment. With the support of the excellent Management of the Institute and the strong backbone of the Faculty we place the department in one of the best in the Institute.


Programme of Study Description
Under Graduate Course
B.E.in ECE
Started with 60 seats in 2002
Intake increased from 60 to 120 in 2006
Intake increased from 120 to 180 in 2012

Intake increased from 180 to 240 in 2023

Post Graduate Programmes
M.E in Applied Electronics
Started with 18 seats in 2011


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