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Virtusa NeuralHack 2019

Virtusa NeuralHack 2019 – Coding Contest

Life is all about building effective partnerships, and this extends to professional arena as well. For students who are standing at the start line, the hurdles ahead could make or break them. Therefore, it is necessary for colleges to offer them challenges and obstacles that will help them learn, and reach their full potential by the time they are done with the course.

The Hackathon

On the surface, a Hackathon event is a fun way to push boundaries and get the participants to think laterally. But if you were look at it from a different perspective, it is a tool to inspire, encourage and reward unique ideas and methodologies. Teams are given problems, they develop a strategy, bounce around ideas, share thoughts and methodologies, combine their skills and end up arriving at a solution which could be quite different from the one they envisaged at the beginning.

Today, Hackathons have become tool for programmers from across the globe to stay updated on the latest technological achievements and apply what they have learnt from the books.

Virtusa NeuralHack tested students on their software skills across two arenas – Full Stack Development and Data Science Application Development.

The event was inaugurated by Dr. Murali Padmanaban [Senior Vice President – Global Head – Learning and Development] & Ms.Hema Mohandas [Vice President – Human Resources]

The Finale

This was a 24hour event, held on 27th & 28th November followed by the Award ceremony. The energy levels among the participants were high, and they were enjoying the puzzles thrown at them. They did have a few mentoring them, guiding them if they hit a dead-end. Not to forget the social media team that was sharing updates as they took place through the event. It was beautiful watching the whole event unfurl and reach a pinnacle.

The top 3 things students learn through the Hackathon,

  1. Learning to work as a team
  2. Understanding and identifying each one’s strengths, downfalls and abilities
  3. Innovation [thinking outside the box]
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