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Counselling Code: 2622

Technical Club

Our college would like to extend an activity under “TECHNICAL CLUB” to fulfill the thirst of the corporate by updating the students’ knowledge on recent trends and technologies. In this regard, we planned to introduce presentation sessions from the beginning of every academic year  for the effective implementation, on every Wednesday, 2 hours in regular time table has been allotted for this session.
Every student will be given opportunity to present in stage. Content (20 marks) and delivery (10 marks) skills will be analyzed for a total of 30 marks and grade will be given for each student.
Top scorers will be acknowledged and awards are be given in a grand function at the end of academic year.


Importance of this activity

This activity is like the stepping stone which helps students to get the required technical job by updating their knowledge. It acts as a bridge between the employer and employee and also it helps in getting the job as per employer’s requirements.
Updated technical knowledge is the most important selection criterion which is taken into consideration by various companies while fulfilling their recruiting requirements. Being weak at technical skills can lead to a student losing his/her chance to get the dream job. Being good at technical skills can take a student to the peak of his / her career.
A student having requisite technical knowledge is a resource to the company which is hiring the student because that person will ensure efficient functioning of the operations by updating his knowledge to the recent trends and technologies. A person without required skills can bring disaster to the company because of lack of experience and skills to tackle the challenging environment that the employee has to face while performing his duties.
Hence students are asked to make use of this opportunity to enrich their knowledge by providing extended cooperation.