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Innovative Teaching

  1. Use Educational Videos

In Mechanical Department we use the educational videos during class which has improved the engagement levels of students and thus has created a greatly enhanced learning experience. Relevant videos keep students more alert, motivated and focused on the specific topic in hand. Visual content can enhance memory knowledge and students’ ability to retain new information. This facilitates active learning. Several studies have linked the use of video during lectures with attendance, participation and retention of knowledge and information.

  1. Improved Classroom Technology (SMART CLASS)

Classroom technologies that are available  range from computers, tablets, digital cameras, video conferencing facility and Google Class to enhance a student’s learning experience.

  1. Interactive Learning

The greater the student interaction is encouraged; the faster the boundaries of authority will be broken. We provide a short overview of the day’s topic and give students a challenge to meet by the end of the class. The task may include answering a question or solving a problem. Let students break into small groups to do research online, chart out ideas and discuss ways to meet the challenge. We review their work uploaded on a Google Class. By the end of class, let each group share what they’ve learned with their peers.

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