TCS - 305 (7 Lacs Salary, 3.86 Lacs Salary & 3.36 Lacs Salary), DXC - 193 (4.20 Lacs Salary), VIRTUSA - 172 (7.5 Lacs Salary & 5.5 Lacs Salary), MINDTREE - 119 (6.5 Lacs Salary, 5 Lacs Salary & 4 Lacs Salary), COGNIZANT - 95 (6.75 Lacs Salary & 4 Lacs Salary), HEXAWARE - 90 (6 Lacs Salary & 4 Lacs Salary ), CAPGEMINI - 83 (7.5 Lacs Salary, 5.75 Lacs Salary & 4.25 Lacs Salary), ACCENTURE - 49(4.5 Lacs Salary), TECH MAHINDRA – 46 (5.5 Lacs Salary & 3.25 Lacs Salary), NTT DATA – 30 (3.5 Lacs Salary), ZOHO – 24 (8.4 Lacs Salary, 7 Lacs Salary & 5.6 Lacs Salary)

Green Practices:

V.S.B.EC is a green and eco-friendly campus which focuses on energy efficiency by preserving natural resources for healthy living and a good learning environment. The institution is surrounded by lush green 3000 trees and 3000 birds.

Green initiatives

  • Tree planting is carried out regularly
  • Traditional vegetable crops are cultivated organically
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the campus.
  • The Campus s free from Plastic
  • Paperless communication (e-mail / Whats App communication) is a regular practice
  • Usage of one-sided paper is encouraged
  • Faculty and Student details, library and other administrative details are maintained in ERP to avoid paper usage

Rainwater harvesting structure

Effective Rainwater harvesting structure is implemented to collect rainwater from the rooftops of buildings. Also rainwater is collected from the catchment areas like, land surfaces through an organized trench and stored in ponds located inside the campus. Harvested water helps to recharge the bore wells and overall groundwater level. The rainwater is utilized for gardening as well.

Implementation of Rainwater harvesting

Trench to collect rainwater from all the areas

Water Management

The method of “Drip Irrigation” is also used to keep the campus always green. Sprinklers are used in gardens to prevent water wastage. The RO Plant is established in the college campus to provide safe drinking water to all. We received appreciation from AICTE for the initiatives of Jal Shakti Abhiyan’ for significant contribution in water management.

Jal Shakthi Abhiyan Award


All solid wastes are separated into biodegradable and non-degradable wastes. Bio degradable wastes dumped in the waste yard are converted into compost using conventional methods. Sewage water treatment plant is installed on our campus and follows the State Pollution Control Board requirements. The sewage from both the college and hostel premises is collected into the collection tank and treated in the treatment plant. This water is transferred all around the campus for maintaining its green cover of plants and trees through separate pipelines.

Glimpses of Green Campus

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