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Full Time Ph.D

Name of full time teachers with PhD in academic year 2018-2019

S.No Name of the Faculty Department
1 Dr.K.Uma Maheswari Electrical and Electronics Engineering
2 Dr.K.Arun Electrical and Electronics Engineering
3 Dr.G.Prabhakar Electrical and Electronics Engineering
4 Dr. S.K.Senthilkumar Computer Science and Engineering
5 Dr. Sumithradevi C Computer Science and Engineering
6 Dr.D.Sathish Kumar Computer Science and Engineering
7 Dr.S.Anand Kumar Varma Civil Engineering
8 Dr.Siddhartha Pandhey Civil Engineering
9 Dr.T.Jayasingh Electronics and Communication Engineering
10 Dr.M.Sundaram Electronics and Communication Engineering
11 Dr.V.Kavitha Electronics and Communication Engineering
12 Dr.P.S.Gomathi Electronics and Communication Engineering
13 Dr.D.Bright Anand Electronics and Communication Engineering
14 Dr.R.Parthasarathi Mechanical Engineering
15 Dr.G.Satish Pandian Mechanical Engineering
16 Dr. M.Mohamed Abdul Hafeez Mechanical Engineering
17 Dr. M. Manikanda Prabhu Mechanical Engineering
18 Dr.V.Nirmal Kannan Mechanical Engineering
19 Dr.P.Ganeshan Mechanical Engineering
20 Dr.P.Shanthakumar Information Technology
21 Dr. Jayato Nayak Chemical Engineering
22 Dr. N. Saravani Bio-Technology
23 Dr. T.R. Prabakaran Chemistry
24 Dr. E. Rajasekaran Chemistry
25 Dr. S. Boobalan Chemistry
26 Dr. T. Prakash Physics
27 Dr. P. Ganesh Babu Physics
28 Dr. M. Santhiya Mathematics
29 Dr.M.Thangaraj Mathematics
30 Dr. C. Maharajan Mathematics
31 Dr. M. Sathish Kumar Mathematics
32 Dr. S. Maheswari Mathematics
33 Dr. D. Balakrishnan English
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