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Innovative Teaching

The biotechnology department consists of a set of dedicated, qualified, experienced faculty and supporting staff members meeting the requirements as prescribed by AICTE and Anna University. A variety of interactive pedagogical activities used to be organized to draw the interest of budding minds of students towards theoretical subjects and the development of cutting-edge technologies.

The following are the various teaching methodologies used in different aspects for the delivery of course:

  • Faculty members posted their subject lesson plan, e-learning resources, assignments and question bank in the Institution website and intranet portal (IMPRES) for students’ access and utilization. Faculty and student research publications have also been displayed. As above mentioned things are open access to the public, anyone can access, review, develop and reproduce in their works.
  • NPTEL online videos are displayed to the students regularly during Library hours to enhance their potential knowledge in the field of engineering which enables them to do innovative projects relevant to Societal problems
  • Students are encouraged to undergo NPTEL Online Courses conducted by IIT professors which provides a better platform to interact with eminent professors from IIT
  • Our college follows a unique way of assessing student’s performance through Assignment using Google Classroom which paves a way of using Technological advancement in Teaching Learning Paradigm
  • To contribute to the improvement of students learning, Innovative ICT based teaching facilities such as smart classrooms, video conferencing and LCD projectors are effectively used by the faculty members.
  • The Wi-Fi enabled campus encourages blended learning by way of providing access to a website containing e-learning resources.
  • Each class is refreshed by the student for five minutes regarding the contents taught in the last class before starting to enhance the learning process and the same is accomplished by another student at the end of the class.
  • Eminent personalities from various Institutions/ Industries are giving their valuable lectures in the recent development of the subject.
  • Placement training is being conducted to enhance students’ placements. Internal trainers from Placement and Training Cell train our students both in problem-solving and communication. Online placement test series are enabled for students where they can practice and equip themselves anywhere inside and outside of the campus.
  • Two faculty members are engaged to conduct and evaluate tutorial classes.
  • Faculty research publications & innovations are made available in the college website can be referred by other faculty and student scholars.
  • Various pedagogical activities have been followed by the faculty for the student in order to create interest over the subjects and the developing technologies.

The following are the various teaching methodologies used in different aspects for the delivery of course:

  • Audiovisual aids, chalk, and board are used by the faculty for teaching.
  • Students are encouraged to clarify their doubts, during the lecture hour itself.
  • During the lecture hour first 5 minutes are used for revising topics taught in the previous class and the last 5 minutes is used to give a summary of the current class. Hence the students will get continuity of the previous day topics.


  • Students are encouraged to attend workshops from 2nd year onwards. As an outcome of the workshop, interested students will develop Projects/ mini Projects at the end of the workshop.
  • Students are encouraged for an internship in the industry during vacations.
  • Students are taken to industrial visit at least once a semester to see the real-time operation.


Major equipment:

  • Microplate Reader (Elisa Reader)
  • Research grade Optical Microscopes
  • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Electrophoresis System
  • Centrifuge
  • Shaking Incubator
  • Autoclave
  • Laminar Flow Chambers

Modern Laboratories:

  • The Department is equipped with modern Laboratories with state of art facilities, in Microbiology Lab, Cell biology lab & Biochemistry Lab. The Department is in the process of equipping with laboratories like Molecular Biology & Genetics Engineering Lab, Bioprocess Engineering & Down Stream Processing lab.
  • Practical exercises are taught in the laboratory.
  • Virtual Lab exercises are given to the students.
  • In addition to the experiments given in the syllabus, students are instructed to practice additional experiments as suggested by the concerned faculty.
  • Laboratories are accessible for the students during the scheduled periods and also during leisure hours for doing experiments.


  • All classrooms are equipped with a projector facility.
  • All laboratories and classrooms have Wi-fi access.
  • Online courses – Online courses are being conducted through NPTEL online courses and google classrooms so that students can post and clear their doubts at any time without hesitation and can download course materials.
  • College automation software – Each student is provided with a personal login wherein they can download Course Material, Syllabus, Question bank, Assignment topics, Short videos, NPTEL video links.

Use Educational Videos

Visual content can enhance memory knowledge and students’ ability to retain new information. This facilitates active learning. Several studies have linked the use of video during lectures with attendance, participation and retention of knowledge and information.

Improved Classroom Technology (SMART CLASS)

Classroom technologies that are available today range from computers, to tablets, digital cameras, video conferencing facility and Google Class to enhance a student’s learning experience. Be sure that they are focusing on their assignments.

Interactive Learning

The greater the student interaction is encouraged; the faster the boundaries of authority will be broken. We provide a short overview of the day’s topic and give students a challenge to meet by the end of the class. The task may include answering a question or solving a problem. Let students break into small groups to do research online, chart out ideas and discuss ways to meet the challenge. We review their work uploaded on a Google Class. By the end of class, let each group share what they’ve learned with their peers.

Spaced Learning

Amazing results were reported when it came to spaced learning. This is a unique learning method, where the highly concentrated summary of lessons or content is repeated thrice by students. This way of teaching encourages students to quickly switch through activities, just like ten minutes of knowledge on the English literature with a PowerPoint presentation. This may lead to getting better grades. It is said that the method is more effective than traditional teaching.​ By incorporating digital media elements into the study materials and projects, the students can learn better. It also makes them more motivated to pay more.

  • Tutorial Sessions for Problem-Oriented subjects are done by two faculty members.
  • All students are encouraged to attend seminars and conferences.
  • Students are encouraged for an industrial internship during vacations.
  • By personal counseling and motivating lectures, the students are brought to work together as a team of responsible and rational human beings.
  • College automation software– Each student is provided with a personal login wherein they can download Course Material, Syllabus, a Question bank, Assignment topics, Short videos, NPTEL video links.

Library Books/Journals:

  • The Central Library is equipped with all the best textbooks and reference books (Latest editions) in sufficient numbers to meet the requirement of all the students.
  • The Digital Library is very much useful to all the students. Several international and national journals in the field of Biotechnology and related areas are subscribed. These journals can be accessed by the students through the LAN facility.
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