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Bio-Medical Engineering

About the Program:

Biomedical engineering is an interdisciplinary program that combines engineering with biology to solve medical problems in living systems. The program aims to equip students with skills to develop new technologies for life saving equipment, biomedical instruments for treatment and diagnosis, physiological parameter monitoring using sensors, biomechanics, biomedical imaging, medical devices, cell and tissue engineering and more other medical applications. The course also aims at enabling the students to acquire technical skills for becoming experts in telemedicine, healthcare communication and medical informatics. The strong collaborative connection with academia, clinical medicine and industry offers opportunities for professional development and to gain unique knowledge and experience in the field.


To create a center of academic excellence in the field of Biomedical engineering through innovative research contributions, industrial oriented teaching and training for betterment in healthcare.


  • To motivate faculty members and students to explode their creativity to develop innovative products by utilizing modern technologies to serve the society.
  • To inculcate the industrial need of the biomedical engineers among the students through relevant training and value added courses.
  • To produce technically intense engineers by practicing innovative teaching methodologies.

Program Educational Objectives:

  • PEO1 – To enable the graduates to demonstrate their skills in solving challenges in their chosen field through the core foundation and knowledge acquired in engineering and biology.
  • PEO2 – To enable the graduates to exhibit leadership, make decisions with societal and ethical responsibilities, function and communicate effectively in multidisciplinary settings.
  • PEO3 – To ensure that graduates will recognize the need for sustaining and expanding their technical competence and engage in learning opportunities throughout their careers.

Program Specific Outcomes:

  • To design and develop diagnostic and therapeutic devices that reduces physician burn out and enhance the quality of life for the end user by applying fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering.
  • To apply software skills in developing algorithms for solving healthcare related problems in various fields of Medical
  • To adapt to emerging information and communication technologies (ICT) to innovate ideas and solutions for current societal and scientific issues thereby developing indigenous medical instruments that are on par with the existing technology

Scope of Employment:

  • Biomedical Engineers in Hospitals, Scientists in health care research institutes.
  • Design Engineers in Medical devices manufacturing industry.
  • Healthcare research analysts/consultants.
  • Entrepreneurs in the ever- developing medical services industry.

Program Content:

Core Courses:
Human Anatomy and Physiology / Fundamentals of Electric and Magnetic Circuits / Semiconductor devices and circuits / Integrated Circuits / Digital Electronics / Medical Physics and Biomedical Instrumentation / Signals and Systems / Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment / Digital Signal Processing / Microcontrollers and its applications / Sensors and Measurements / Control Systems Engineering / Analog and Digital Communication / Image Processing / Industry Internship / Project Work.


Programme of Study


Under Graduate Course BME

Started with 60 seats in 2018


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